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MH-048A 575 HMI


MH048A MovingHead 575 HMI 

Voltage: AC110V~240V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Power: 700W
Lamp: HMI575W

Color temperature: 5600K
Strobe:1-10 flash/ second
2 Color wheels: one rotating color wheel & one fixed color wheel
2 Gobo wheels: one rotation Gobo wheel (5 gobos) + fixed gobo wheel (5 gobos)
Gobo inward and outward function: speed and direction adjustable, automatic focus of definition for gobo short and long distance shooting
Scan: Pan 540 , Tilt 260 , moving towards both directions mini-step adjustable(this channel function alternative) and error correction function
Sound control: sound-active in phase
Optical System: inear  focus- adjustable lens, 1 rotating 3-facet prism
Security Protection: cutting the power off automatically when the machine is over heated or the system starts to malfunction
Signal Control:  Signal DMX512

Channels parameter: 16 channels
Channel 1: Color wheel 1
Channel 2: Color wheel 2
Channel 3: Shutter/ Strobe
Channel 4: Shutter/linear dimmer
Channel 5: Pan scan
Channel 6: Tilt scan
Channel 7: Pan/Tilt scan speed
Channel 8: Iris
Channel 9: Fixed gobo
Channel 10: Rotating gobo
Channel 11: Gobo rotation
Channel 12: Gobo correction
Channel 13: Focus
Channel 14: Prism
Channel 15: Prism rotation
Channel 16: Reset

Dimension: 56x53x60.5cm
Weight: 33.5kg